Hybrid App vs Native App

Native App(原生应用):是用特定平台(一般就指Android和iOS)语言开发的App。Android平台使用Java/Kolin,iOS平台使用Object-C/Swift来开发。原生App使用了自己平台UI框架,故在运行效率和用户体验上会很好。 Hybrid App(混合应用):使用HTML/CSS/JS来开发App。目前市面上混合应用的框架方案基本都是Cordova方案。

Hybrid App原理

Hybrid App is a mobile application that is coded in both browser-supported language and computer language. They are available through application distribution platforms such as the Apple App Store, Google Play etc. Usually, they are downloaded from the platform to a target device, such as iPhone, Android phone or Windows Phone. The subscribers need to install to run them.

一句话,Hybrid App就是绝大部分功能都是前端实现来开发App的一套方案。webview是它存在的基础。APPCloud的采用的是Cordova方案.

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